NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio.
Happy Days '08
Year: 2008
Format: various
Client: Ny Musikk
Credits: NODE Berlin Oslo
Calligraphy by Bård Ydén
Archive #08005

The 2008 Happy Days Sound Festival was intended to be the last in the series. The theme was ‘anger’ and the festival was held at one of the most politically charged arenas in Oslo. In choosing an emotion as the point of departure, the festival was able to present noise music, piano-wrecking and punk - without any attempt to hide the potentially conflicting situations that may have arisen between the music and passers-by.

The design played with the ‘beauty’ of traditional calligraphy contrasted with swearwords like ‘helvete’ (hell) and ‘faen’ (goddamn). The poster invited people to ‘fuck off’.

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