NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio.
Happy Days '06
Year: 2006
Format: various
Client: Ny Musikk
Credits: NODE Berlin Oslo
Typedesign and poster by Felix Weigand
Archive #06006

The theme of the 2006 Happy Days Sound Festival was ‘Periphery: Exploring localness through sound’. The visual identity of the second Happy Days Sound Festival was based upon a typeface developed by Felix Weigand for the Ny Musikk No Sound project. The typeface plays on visual musical references and was used for the logo, the poster, the newspaper and buttons made for the festival.

The festival newspaper opens with a photo of a ‘non-space’ in a central part of Oslo and ends with a text by Social Anthropologist Theodor Barth discussing this place as a necessary ‘non-centre’ of the city.

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