NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio.
No Sound
Year: 2006
Client: Ny Musikk
Credits: NODE in collaboration with
Felix Weigand (F+M) Photos by Knut
Bry (Tinagent), Jan Erik Svendsen and Andreas Meichsner
Archive #06012

Ny Musikk (Norwegian division of the International Society for Contemporary Music) asked us to do a purely visual project about sound in public spaces. For this project, we partnered with Felix Weigand to develop an alphabet that plays on visual musical references. We used this alphabet to write ‘sound-words’ in parks in Oslo, Berlin and Amsterdam. The parks provided a stage and a certain structure and rhythm. Just as a musical piece can be performed any number of times, the performance was repeated in several different locations.

The photo documentation was shown at the exhibition Ikkelyd/Masselyd at Sound of Mu, Oslo, December 2006.

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