NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio.
Year: 2010
Format: various
Client: Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin
Credits: NODE Berlin Oslo
Archive #10010

squatting displays 22 works by 17 artists in a format that aims to engage visitors in a mostly serious, sometimes entertaining, but always intense dialogue with art. The featured works occupy a space (the Temporäre Kunsthalle) whose location (Schlossplatz) is itself charged with political memories and ideological interventions. The exhibition is based on an iconic exhibition practice that artist Tilo Schulz and curator Jörg van den Berg have been developing since the late 1990s.
The focus of the squatting exhibition is on the presence of the individual artwork, developing a network of connections in terms of form and content between the works on display. Blocked off and opened spaces, lines of sight and movement emphasize both the differences and the links between the various works: To experience the whole exhibition, visitors had to access and leave the Kunsthalle via three different entrances. The artspace (inside) and the space for political memory (outside) remain separate, but are woven together in the visitor’s movement.
Our poster design makes use of typography projected in space to reflect these ideas by Tilo Schulz and Jörg van den Berg. The colour schemes divide the exhibition into three distinct spaces.

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