NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio.
Digital Art Works
Year: 2011
Format: various
Client: ZKM Karlsruhe
Credits: NODE Berlin Oslo
Archive #11038

‘How can digital data be secured in the long term if one’s new laptop is already obsolete the moment it leaves the store? This phenomenon also causes difficulties in art: What happens to net art once the internet environment for which it was conceived has changed? Should artworks which were once developed for the PC be shown on an iPad? The exhibition “Digital Art Works. The Challenges of Conservation” fundamentally explores questions related to collecting, exhibiting and preserving computer-based art works and sheds light on the work revolving around digital art conservation.’

We were involved in the design of the exhibition graphics as well as the printed and screen media related to this show at ZKM Karlsruhe. As basic elements for the design, we made use of a series of documentation photographs of outdated computer hardware combined with one of the first DOS computer screen typefaces.

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