NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio.
Year: 2011
Format: 15,2 × 20,8 cm
Client: Oslo Arkitektforening (OAF)
Credits: NODE Berlin Oslo
Exhibition photos: Lone Kjersheim
Archive #11018

In 2011, the Norwegian Architects Association turned 100 years, and this was celebrated with a major exhibition in Vulkan, Oslo.

The Oslo branch of the organization arranged a series of ‘Pop-Up’ lectures and debates throughout the year, and this became the basis for their contribution to the exhibition. A wide range of architects and artists from Norway and abroad were invited to speak, and each event was held at the offices of different Oslo-based architects.

We developed the overall identity and various promotional materials for these events, focusing on the ephemeral and impulsive idea behind ‘Pop-Up’. Our goal was to create something that developed through time, where each event builds upon the previous one.

We designed a book for the exhibition documenting the year through interviews and photography. The book was organized chronologically where each event has its own section. We created a system where each page introducing a new chapter built upon the previous one with the cover having a combination of all these pages.

At the exhibition, the interviews were shown on monitors with the book on display beside them. As part of the project, we developed the exhibition graphics and a system to navigate the screens.

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