NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio.
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05/01/2021 Follow Chains of Inspiration
—— Our banner for Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, announcing their extensive online program during this pandemic.

23/12/2020 Take Me to the River
—— All over the world, cultural professionals, artists, architects and designers are grappling with the effects of climate change whilst actively involving their communities. Their work opens up creative spaces that raise awareness of changes in our environment and develop possible solutions to counter the climate crisis. The website we have worked with, Take Me to the River, presents the diverse perspectives as a chorus of voices against resource depletion, environmental abuse and the violation of the rights of indigenous communities. The exhibition pursues five narratives – Subject of Rights, Object of Abuse, Nature Prosecutes, Humanity Sentenced and Motion to Recover – to weave the individual projects into a story that both illustrates the effects of the climate crisis on people and the environment and shows alternative answers.

24/10/2020 We Never Sleep Schirn Kunsthalle
—— The Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt a.M. is dedi­cating an inter­na­tional group exhi­bi­tion to espi­onage with its power to fasci­nate, illu­mi­nating this theme as a current source of artistic inspi­ra­tion. We have been working with the publication, which can be ordered via Snoeck Publishers.

17/09/2020 CC: World
—— The pandemic forces us to pause in opposition to the economization of all spheres of life. How are artists and people who think about alternative forms of thought and action experiencing this existential situation? What do they see in this state of standstill, of limbo? Videos, texts, audio clips and other formats open a window of reflection, clearing our view of the cracks in this planetary present and the misguided logics of the past, but also of possible futures. A website with contributions by Teju Cole, Tom McCarthy, Rabih Mroué, The Otolith Group, Hito Steyerl, Meg Stuart, Jenna Sutela, and many others.

04/09/2020 Errata
—— When anti-racist protest movements in the US topple statues of Columbus and the aftereffects of the colonial era are debated even in Europe, our entire view of modern history is being put to the test. Errata links a number of contemporary positions that oppose the reproduction of colonial structures and revise non-imperial forms of remembrance.

28/07/2020 Month of Contemporary Music 2020
—— During this Month of Contemporary Music, the Berlin contemporary music scene presents itself with a dynamic and modular program of performances and presentations.

14/07/2020 Jazz week #2
—— 7 days of Jazz, Improvised Music and Discourse — Digital & outside

15/05/2020 Aby Warburg: Bilderatlas Mnemosyne
—— Due to the current situation, the exhibition has been postponed to fall 2020. Read the related text “This Atlas of Art and Memory Is a Wonder of the Modern World” in the New York Times.

23/04/2020 Call for solidarity banner @Haus der Kulturen der Welt
—— Let's stand together—a little apart. Inspired by Mette Frederiksen.

16/04/2020 Versuchsstätte Bauhaus. The Collection. Sammelwerk.
—— Part of the permanent exhibition at Bauhaus Museum Dessau, the “compilation” invites visitors to put together a very personal exhibition catalogue based on 60 motifs; with favourite pieces from the exhibition and further suggestions.

09/04/2020 Phil Collins: Bring Down the Walls
—— Film poster—In 2018, artist Phil Collins, and over 100 collaborators, presented ›Bring Down The Walls‹, a three-part public art project which turned an unconventional lens on the prison industrial complex in the U.S. through house music and nightlife. The project consisted of a communal space in NYC that functioned as a ›school‹ by day and dance club by night, as well as a benefit album of classic house tracks re-recorded by formerly incarcerated vocalists and electronic musicians. Read more here and watch a preview here

03/04/2020 Jenna Sutela NO NO NSE NSE
—— Publication for Jenna Sutela’s exhibition NO NO NSE NSE at Kunsthall Trondheim; the artist’s first major solo show at an international institution. Curated by Stefanie Hessler. Published by Koenig Books

02/03/2020 The swamp is spreading
—— New media for the Swamp Project by Urbonas will be released soon. Swamps and the New Imagination (Sternberg Press, MIT Press) in the making. 

02/03/2020 MIT ACT Spring 2020 Lecture Series
—— New poster series for the MIT Program in Art Culture and Technology (ACT) Spring 2020 Lecture Series: The Allegorical Resonance of Alchemical Affect

30/10/2019 Matters of Activity
—— New website and identity for the Cluster of Excellence
»Matters of Activity. Image Space Material«, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin “The Cluster »Matters of Activity. Image Space Material« aims to create a basis for a new culture of materials. The central vision of the Cluster is to rediscover the analog in the activity of images, spaces and materials in the age of the digital. Biology and technology, mind and material, nature and culture intertwine in a new way.” 
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